We measure our success by what we can contribute beyond the performance of our development projects to support and improve the health of the Bay Area region as a whole.

Caring for Our Communities and the Region

Recent Funding

We measure our success at TMG Partners by what we can contribute beyond the performance of our development projects to support and improve the health of the Bay Area region as a whole. Our categories for giving include:

Housing, Community and the Arts

Over our company lifetime, we have developed thousands of units of housing and have strategically supported that with thoughtful mixed-use environments, bringing where we live closer to where we work and near the transit that connects the region. We remain committed to equal housing opportunities across our region. As such, we physically participate in construction and reconstruction of community properties and support significant organizations that are dedicated to innovative approaches to address all levels of affordability across physical or geographic barriers.

As an extension of our dedication to beautiful environments is our parallel commitment to culture and the arts. Appreciation and preservation of music, dance, theater and art are integral to social and philosophical education. Thus, we support the institutions that rely on contributions in order to carry forth those creators and their creations that influence a greater sense of well-being, understanding and inspiration.

Our contributions over the years have supported the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, Urban Solutions, TransForm, San Francisco Parks Alliance, Market Street Association and Chinese American Voters Education Committee.

In October 2017, we co-launched a private-public partnership in coordination with SV@Home and The San Francisco Foundation called "CASA - The Committee to House the Bay Area." CASA's goal is to unite government officials, labor leaders, real estate developers and the business community at large in order to help solve the Bay Area's regional housing challenges.

“Each of us is personally compelled to contribute and make an impact.”

Youth and Education

All of us at TMG understand the critical need for the health, welfare and education of our children, our next generation. We believe in charter schools, mentoring, after school athletics and job training – whether in technology, manual skills, financial analysis or what it takes to fulfill a child’s goals and dreams.

Our contributions in 2015 to support the protection and empowerment of children and better education in our communities included mentoring a young student from Cristo Rey, a Jesuit high school in San Jose dedicated to students from under- served communities, with on-the-job training. We are also strong supporters of buildOn whose mission is to engage students in challenging urban areas, drawing out their limitless power they can achieve through community action.

Environmental Responsibility

The footprint we seek to leave for our next generation demands our custodianship of the natural environment through sustainability in the built environment, a robust regional transportation system, efficient use of our resources and the preservation of natural habitats. We build our projects accordingly, partnering with like-minded business and environmental leaders and supporting thoughtful organizations that are on the cutting edge of bettering our world – and especially at home here in the Bay Area.

One of the most pressing issues in our region is the rise in the sea level that threatens the health of the San Francisco Bay ecosystem and the communities that surround it. In 2016, TMG Partners made a major contribution to People for a Clean and Healthy Bay, a historic nine-county Bay Area campaign to help restore the Bay and protect the region from flooding.

“The footprint we seek to leave for our next generation demands our custodianship of the natural environment...”

Health and Well Being

Communities are only as healthy as those who live in them. Many of our projects include or are adjacent to healthcare, medical and biotech facilities – not just the lifeblood of care but of remarkable research. TMG has donated both time and financial support to many of these non-profit and for-profit research hospitals and facilities in the hopes we can hasten the other “developments” – from care to cure, from new findings to successful clinical trials and the many advancements that we believe are possible.

Some of the organizations we support include City of Hope, American Heart Association and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Community and Industry Leadership

All of us at TMG Partners serve our communities in our own way and many have been deeply committed to specific organizations that have special meaning to them In 2014 and 2015, TMG Partners was honored with a Corporate Philanthropy Award by the San Francisco Business Times.

Michael Covarrubias has been active in both the Urban Land Institute (ULI), locally, regionally and nationally since 1990. In 2015, he was co-Chairman of ULI’s Fall Meeting, held in San Francisco. Michael and TMG Partners has also been an active member of the Bay Area Council – the voice of Bay Area business since 1990. He was appointed Chairman for a two-year term in 2015.

David Cropper has been dedicated to workforce housing in the Bay Area and has held long-term leadership roles with Habitat for Humanity. There he has participated in the development of communities offering homeownership in high-density, transit-accessible areas, and also led the search for their CEO. Relatedly, he participates in the Opportunity Fund which launches entrepreneurs through microfinancing.

Matt Field’s passion is learning and regards education as a basic human right. To that end, he is very involved in buildOn, both financially and with his time. Matt is a Member of the West Coast Board of buildOn and is instrumental to its success in supporting the educational opportunities of children living in poverty.

Cathy Greenwold has been a leader and active board member for Vincent Academy, a charter school in the East Bay. She was drawn to this school due to its location in West Oakland where many underserved children have limited options for quality education.

Lynn Tolin has long been an involved supporter of cancer research and cancer support services. She annually participates in the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer (2 days and 39 miles) and is the 2nd largest fundraiser for the past 2 years.